BB / CULTURAL SPACE The Boutique BB is located in the historic center of Palermo, in a building of the 18th century; it’s located few steps away from the Central Station and the main attractions of the city, so it reveals the link between the dimension of time and journey and the cultural stratification of Palermo. The space maintains almost unchanged the historic original structure and is characterized by design solutions and contemporary interior design: colors, materials, lighting and furniture reveal the concept of space, betraying its dual identity of accommodation and cultural space, which is liven up with contemporary art and design exhibitions for guests only. Within the 4 rooms, site-specific works of art extend the experience of the place and the territory.

CONTEMPORY ART AND DESIGN  The cultural space is liven up with contemporary art and design exhibitions for guests only. The 4 rooms are characterized by temporary exhibitions of artists’ works, made during their stay in Palermo (Artists’ Residences).

N38E13 is especially focused on the promotion of the ethical, sustainable and innovative ways of requalification and redevelopment of the places through design solutions.

The name N38E13 originates from the geographic coordinates N38.1103 E13.3649: it is linked to the territory and represents the deep relation between people and places. N38E13, located in the old town, becomes a place of research, an hinge with the urban fabric, a point of observation of the human changes and stratifications.


N38E13 placing an emphasis on conceptual art, this hotel-cum-cultural ‘lab’ was opened by architect/designer Agnese Giglia and Ennio Pellicanò, a graduate in law and economics, in 2013. Innovative features abound in the converted 18th-century building, two floors above the buzz of Via Maqueda. The four guest rooms take their monikers from geographical coordinates; and the bathrooms are based on spartan railway-carriage WCs. Giglia’s interiors, including the lounge (opposite), feature Flos ‘Aim’ lamps and a Patricia Urquiola ‘Silver Lake’ chair, along with retro pieces such as Achille Castiglioni’s ‘Lampadina’ light. Sculpture, installations and graphics are weaved throughout. Works by the art collective Canecapovolto Art have been shown in previous exhibitions. N38.1103 E13.3651 (above) is the largest room.