The Boutique_BB is located in the historic center of Palermo in a palace of the eighteenth-century . Situated in one of the most historically important streets, the charming via Maqueda, inside of the district courts, which is the Arab neighborhood of Kalsa (from the Khalisa, that meanins pure or elected). The Boutique-BB is placed corresponding to the historic entrance (Arc  of Cutò) to historical and popular market Ballarò,  an ideal location to start your walks in the historic center of Palermo immersed in the traditional local context, historical and contemporary. In a Palermo that is stratified, as now, in a set of socio-cultural identities in continuous dialogue.

The space, emphasizing its historical identity, has architectural and interior contemporary design solutions in a common area ART SPACE and the BB with n. 4  ROOMS, each characterized by a specific artistic medium (Graphic Arts / Sculpture __ Langue / Parole __ Photo / Video __ Sound).

Colors, materials, lighting and furnishings translate every part of the concept of space, returning with charm and well-being his dual identity as place of residence, exhibition and cultural site.


The Art Space hosts exhibitions of contemporary art, design exhibitions, art workshops, sound performances, meetings etc.

The Rooms are characterized  by the exhibition stand inside of artwork realized  by international contemporary artists during a lenghth of stay of research and production  in Palermo (Art Residence). The art work staged  in the Lab_Room will be replaced after a new residency project, giving an identity to  character to the space  in motion and changing.


The Boutique / BB, cultural enterprise characterized by ethical processes, through the design of services designs solutions and experiences with particular attention and respect for environmental, social and economic.

N38E13  is the synthesis of geographical coordinates N38.1103 E13.3649, it is proposed as a space of dynamic relationships between people and places, using as the main medium of the contemporary languages.

The space located in the historical center, it is an ‘investigative tool’, as an observatory of social and anthropological changes, the ‘steps’ that pass through it, becoming a space in constant value also determined by the steps of guests of this unique place of culture and local and international research.

The name N38E13 originates from the geographic coordinates N38.1103 E13.3649: it is linked to the territory and represents the deep relation between people and places. N38E13, located in the old town, becomes a place of research, an hinge with the urban fabric, a point of observation of the human changes and stratifications.


N38E13 placing an emphasis on conceptual art, this hotel-cum-cultural ‘lab’ was opened by architect/designer Agnese Giglia and Ennio Pellicanò, a graduate in law and economics, in 2013. Innovative features abound in the converted 18th-century building, two floors above the buzz of Via Maqueda. The four guest rooms take their monikers from geographical coordinates; and the bathrooms are based on spartan railway-carriage WCs. Giglia’s interiors, including the lounge (opposite), feature Flos ‘Aim’ lamps and a Patricia Urquiola ‘Silver Lake’ chair, along with retro pieces such as Achille Castiglioni’s ‘Lampadina’ light. Sculpture, installations and graphics are weaved throughout. Works by the art collective Canecapovolto Art have been shown in previous exhibitions. N38.1103 E13.3651 is the largest room.